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New Product! Dinner Doodles!

French Blue Designs’ founder and creative director, Meredith Clark, came up with this great idea after spending hours trying to keep her young kids entertained at dinner. Now, when they dine out, she totes along a box of crayons and carries a couple of the placemats with her to keep the kids entertained. At home, her kids get excited about meal time, because it’s now a fun (and educational!) opportunity to spend time together as a family!

Dinner Doodles can be purchased by retailers through the network of French Blue Designs sales reps. Minimum wholesale order is quantity 6. Retailers can contact their sales rep directly.

If you’re a consumer, check with your local stationery retailer about having them stock Dinner Doodles for your convenience!

One Comment on “New Product! Dinner Doodles!

  1. Hallie Croom
    July 4, 2012

    Meredith!! These are precious!!! I will do just about anything to keep Lawler seeted at meals. Shocker he can’t sit still! You are so talented! Love you!!

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